LSI recently introduced a new Intersurgical, Inc. development in the non-rebreather mask, the “Respi-Check®”, that will allow Mass Casualty Incident medical personnel and / or U.S. Military medical transport personnel to quickly determine if a patient is still breathing, and, as well, assist the caregiver to quickly determine a calculation of the patient’s breathing rate.

Because we feel that this new mask will make a difference to the 1st responders and their potential patients in MCI / WMD events, Lifesaving Systems, Inc. is including 20 of these special “Respi-Check®” non-rebreather masks in both the LSI Part # CPR-9a and LSI Part # CPR-9b Mass Casualty O2 Manifold Hard Case configurations.

The new “Respi-Check®” Adult High Concentration Non-Rebreather Mask with Tube (LSI Part # CPR-28) will be packaged in cases of 50 each. Please fax orders to (770) 797-5311.

Please let us know your impressions of this new development in non-rebreather masks, and where you also might want to utilize the “Respi-Check®”.