Lifesaving Systems, Inc. Oxylator® Technology Videos/PowerPoint Presentations

LSI Videos / PowerPoint Presentations

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Ventilation of an Intubated Patient Oxylator Simulation Flight For Life Wisconsin Feb 16 2011

Paramedic One Handed Ventilation Flight For Life Wisconsin Oxylator Feb 16 2011

Oxylator Demo-Jim DuCanto, MD-July 3 2012

Oxylator Ability Detect Esophageal Intubation through Air-Q Test 2 Feb 1 2010

One Rescuer CCC with Oxylator EMX-DuCanto Demo Apr 21 2010

Life-Support-AED-Oxylator FR-300

Immediate Diagnosis of Airway Obstruction with the Oxylator

Heliox Induction Tracheal Stenosis May 11 2011

Case 37--Patient Transport Oxylator used as a Transport Ventilator

Case 20--Oxylator MACIV Tympanostomy Tube July 20 2009 0730

Airway Lab Training Session with Oxylator June 1 2010

AAO Case 21

080.2014 Oxylator DL 132 Kg BMI 38.4 Recog DA