Lifesaving Systems, Inc. Oxylator® Technology Government / NSN's

US Government / US Military Procurement Data

LSI Product #s / National Stock Numbers (NSN #s)

LSI Part # CPR-EMXbt ( Oxylator EMXbt with “Butyl” Rubber Components, Etc.)
  NSN # 6515-01-518-3892
LSI Part # CPR-2 (Oxylator® FR-300)
  NSN # 6515-01-477-1980
LSI Part # CPR-7a (One bag of 50 Single Use, Bacterial / Viral Filter)
  NSN # 6515-01-477-3259
LSI Part # CPR-3f (Seven Foot Straight Braided Hose)
  NSN # 6515-01-482-1580
LSI Part # CPR-24 (Single case of 25 Airway Extension Circuits with 99.999% Filter & Swivel)
  NSN # 6515-01-537-3159
LSI Part # CPR-29 (Case of 25 Airway Extension Circuits with 99.99% Filter & Heat Moisture Exchanger---HME)
  NSN # 6515-01-537-3162

LSI Company Data

  Central Contractor Registered (CCR)--Since 1998
US / Canada (JCO) Joint Certification---Since 2009
Cage Code # 1F0R4
Business Classification: Small Business, Woman Owned

FDA Clearance for the Oxylator® EM-100 Resuscitation and Inhalation System

  NAFDA Product Import # CA9019.20
FDA Pre-market Approval or Clearance # K944349
Dated: March 31, 1995
Received: April 3, 1995
Regulatory Class: II (Two)
Product Code: 73 BTL
Signed By: Thomas J. Callahan, Ph.D.
Acting Director
Division of Cardiovascular, Respiratory, and Neurological Devices
Office of Device Evaluation
Center for Devices and Radiological Health